Designer to Watch-Erin Martin

We stumbled upon the work of Erin Martin the other day and we think we're in love! 

Her work is organic in a very sophisticated way.  The words "organic" or "sustainable" get thrown around a lot these days but very few people get it right.  We love her use of natural materials, muted colors and texture variety.

Her designs seem very original too-as no two houses are alike.

Here is a sample of her work:

To see more of her work, visit Erin Martin Design.

Colors Combination And Effects To Room

I want to share about the combination of a room. That is applied to coloring wall, floor and ceiling. Here are some tips how to make combination on it.
  1. Dark on floor and pale on wall and ceiling make the room seems wider.
  2. Dark on floor and ceiling will make the room seems wide and low.
  3. If all of sides of the room are dark, the form of the room will disapear.
  4. Bright floor and backgound, then two sides of wall is dark will make the room seems like an alley.
  5. Bright on the ceiling, dark the other sides will make basement effect.

Romantic Room And Candlelit Dinner

Candlelit dinner in this romantic room design. Personal room with a dim room light's setting. Yellow color makes the room warm. You can feel the sensations if you enter the room.

Cool Upholstered Bed

A couple of our favorite things for the day:

1) Laced up boots from Nine West ($209)
2) Modern Upholstered Bed from Brownstone (appx $1800 for queen, $2000 for king-COM)

Thom Felicia Rug for Safavieh

Interior designers are like movie stars.  When they are hot you see them everywhere.  Then a few years later they just disappear.

Thom Felicia is definitely hot now.  He has a wide range of licensed products as we've mentioned in previous post--ranging from Kravet fabrics to furniture for Vanguard and now rugs for Safavieh. 

His rug collection is actually very affordable.  Very young and hip too.  A 6 x 9 rug is about $600.  Very reasonable don't you think?

Here are some samples:

To see the rest of the collection, please click here. You can find pricing and product information in our modern rug section.

Vogue September Issue-A True Economic Indicator

If you watch the news and read the papers, you can get reallly confused. One day the housing index is up, the next day it's down. One day the stock market roars for some weird reason, the next day it tanks for other weirder reasons.

And you know what the best economic indicator there is?

The Vogue September issue.
We just got it today and it's nice and fat again. True, you have to flip through hundred of ads to get to some flimpsy content, but the nice part about that is, advertisers are spending money again! Which can leads to all kind of good things.

And we don't know about you, but we are having this frugality fatigue, big time. Enough already with all this self-deprivation.  Sure, the way we spend money is forever changed, but if you really really want those Channel clogs and you don't have to cut into the rent to pay for it, why the heck not...

So here's to Vogue, and to better times ahead!

PS There's a lovely feature on an art-filled apartment.  Click here to see the slideshow.

Source:  Vogue

Pretty Chinoiserie Wallpapers and Prints

A while back we fell in love with a vendor called Jardins En Fleurs.  We probably blogged about it once.  They make beautiful, beautiful Chinoiserie paintings and accessories.  The problem was, it was so expensive it was impossible to sell.  The company closed down shortly after--a victim of the 2008-09 economy, evidently.

Anyway, we get this email the other day from Belle Chasse home and it has a very similiar look and feel.  Alas, we found out it was found by the same founder of Jardins en Fleur.  He has great taste, we must say.

The line is more affordable now.  If you are looking for pretty Chinoiserie prints, it's a nice choice.

Here are some samples:

For product and pricing information, visit Belle Chasse (beautiful hunt)'s web site.

Decorating in White

It's hard to believe summer is almost over.  Here in LA it's scorchingly hot, but stunningly beautiful as well.  There's nothing like driving down the Pacific Coast Highway late in the afternoon, with the blue ocean on one side and the mountain on the gorgeous, it makes us so happy to be alive.

But we're getting off track here...

If you are a reader of this blog, you probably know we're crazy about white.  Especially when it's hot outside.  White has such as an amazing cooling effect, and it's so neutral too...

Here are some of our favorite white interior photos from photographer Per Gunnarson:

So simple and pure.  Don't you think?
To see more of his work, click here.

Crazy for Stripes...

We're so in the mood for stripes lately. It's modern.  It's striking.   It's fun.  It makes your eyes pop.

Here are some great designs using stripes with either wallpapers,  fabrics or paint:

Images from Elle Decor

Images from MyHomeIdeas

Some pretty striped wallpapers:

Source: Matthew Patrick Smyth Wallcoverings for F Schumacher wallpapers.

Fabulous Beatles Chairs from Andrew Martin

Have you seen the work of Andrew Martin?  An UK -based designer, he has that really cool, quirky, crazy English taste that we love.

Here are some new fabrics that just came out for Lee Jofa.   Wouldn't they be fabulous as pillows too?

Love them!

PS We apologize, we don't have the pricing for these yet as they are so new.   We'll be posting them on our Lee Jofa Fabric section as soon as they are available.  In the mean time, if you need it right away, drop us a line.  To see more of Andrew Martin's products, click here.

and the winner is...

Congratulations to Will of Bright.Bazaar!! 
If you haven't checked out his blog, you should!

Thanks to everyone who entered! 
Have a great weekend...

A great source for interior design pictures...

With so many decorating magazines closing lately, we find ourselves starving for pictures of amazing rooms.  A good alternative is interiors designers' and photographers' web sites.  Often you can view their portolios as a source of inspiration.

Below is one of our favorites, Pieter Estersohn.

PS For more pictures, visit DiggingDecor-it's full of interior design pictures (well, not quite full yet, but it's on its way :)   It's a social community network for people who love to decorate. The site is new so we'll need all the contributors we can get!   If you love decorating, come join so you can show off your portfolio, share resources and make some friends.

We hope to see you there...

Presentable Italian Modern Kitchen Furniture Design

Presentable Italian Modern Kitchen Furniture Design

kitchen interior designs, modern kitchen

Presentable Italian Modern Kitchen Furniture Design

Fabulous Black and White Chair

We're loving these side chairs.  Upholstered in black and white, it really adds some jazz to an otherwise neutral room.

Images via Traditional Homes.

The fabric on this chair is from F Schumacher--it's a little expensive, let us warn you.  Fortunately for a small chair like this you should only need 3-4 yards.   The pattern is called Gordian Weave and it comes in three different colorways.  It is a little bumpy though, as the knot pattern is raised quite high.

You can find it in our F Schumacher fabric section.
The Nest Interior Design Blog turned 1 today!

To celebrate and to say "thank you for reading", we're offering a pretty sweet giveaway from the Nest Boutique!

This butter dish is one of my favorite creations from Jonathan Adler... I even own one myself. I absolutely love it!

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I'll announce the winner on Friday, August 20th! Good Luck!

Thom Felicia Fabrics for Kravet

Thom Felicia is one of our favorite designers, mainly because his designs are very liveable and very approachable.  

Here is a fabric collection he did for Kravet that we thought are quite nice.  The prices are not too bad either (about $99/yard but you usually can get it for much less).

To see the rest of the collection, click here. Pricing and production information can be found on our Kravet Fabric section.

Picking Colors for Your Decor

Don't you find coordinating colors to be the hardest thing to do?  It's really is a headache, actually, trying to get a paint to go with the fabric that coordinates with everything else.

Robert Allen has a very nice tool that we thought you might like.  They have different room themes already mixed & matched for you.

See below for some samples:

To see more, click here.

PS The paint is from Sherwin Williams. You can also search for fabrics from Robert Allen site from the link above.  It doesn't give pricing information, but you can find that on our  Robert Allen fabrics section by entering the name of the pattern in the search box.