Minimalist Design for Bathroom

This is a minimalist design for bathroom. The design has natural concept with moss green wall. The sleeping bathtub is decorated by creeping plants. The little lamps on the corner make the room looks so cool. The mirror and bathing equipment is positioned in the corner near the door.

The Japanese Minimalist Home

Minimalist Japanese home with a small size and classic appearance. A clear yard is positioned in front. Also the combination of blue and yellow make the home more classic and cool. The garage is positioned beside the front room. It make the arrangement become neat. Okay, for more you can see in detail

Little Nest at Nest!!

How appropriate!? And, in honor of Little Nest's arrival to Nest, they're offering 20% off of in-stock purchases... Check out the Nest blog to learn more! And, check out the amazing store display (by the amazing Donald Fowler) here! I think my little Maxton may need this one:

Design Inspirations Q&A: Irene Hoofs of Bloesem Blogs

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Irene Hoofs of Bloesem and Bloesem Kids! She authors an amazing design blog and my very favorite kids blog. You can tell from her posts that she is passionate and loves what she does. Every entry is inspired and passes along excitement to her readers... mainly me! Irene was born in Amsterdam and is now living in Kuala Limpur, so I love the international flavor of both her blogs. Take a look at her blogs for yourself, but first... Meet Irene Hoofs...

Q.  What is your favorite design blog? You don’t have to name just one!
A.  Some of my favorites are based in different parts of the world, when I visit them all in one day it gives me a super international feel…Grijs, poppytalk, Kitka, Jane Foster, the design files, boligliv’s blog, Decor8, Pia Jane … and many more…

Q.  What is your favorite interior designer?
A.  I have to say my husband…sounds crazy perhaps, he is a lawyer by profession, but I just love his impeccable sense for style and detail… and my friends from Amsterdam, Xander and Leon aka XandL. Not sure whether they call themselves interior designers…I would call them interior artists. (They create the most beautiful gardens too!)

Q.  What is your favorite fashion designer?
A.  Dries van Nooten and Ann DeMeulemeester

Q.  What current design trend do you love right now?
A.  Bamboo and rattan furniture mixed with modern design pieces. 

Q.  Where do you look for inspiration? 
A.  The sun and bright skies always bring me in the right mood and then inspiration is everywhere…online, on the street, our garden and Books! 

Q. &nbrp;What music inspires you?
A.  Music to me is not so much about finding inspiration, but more to bring me in a relaxed mood. I’m the kind of person that can’t work with music on. But when driving or at night I love to listen to Mary J. Blige, Maxwell, Angie Stone, Roberta Flack and I have been a huge fan of Queen since I was 15, the earlier Queen songs that is.

Q.  What was your favorite splurge for your home?
A.  Still has to be made, the Tufty-time sofa by B&B Italia.

Q.  What was your best frugal find?
A.  A pile of Linen Fabric, I believe it was more than 55 yards. I have made many cushions, blankets out of them and it was only 15 dollars or something.

Q.  Do you have a design pet peeve? 
A.  ‘Sets of Two’… two identical vases in a window or two exactly the same candleholders on a table. Don’t get me wrong, I do like a group of beautiful pieces, but it shouldn’t be exactly the same pieces. 

Q.  What is your color of choice right now?
A.  Yellow…which in many countries represents luck I understand.

Q.  Where is your favorite place to read a good book or catch up on your blog reads?
A.  Outside in our garden around 5pm with a gin and tonic!

Q.  What is your favorite home furnishings shop?
A.  Haven’t found the right place yet here in Kuala Lumpur.

Q.  Describe your personal style. 
A.  White, spacious, with only a few iconic design pieces and other collectibles that have a special meaning to me. I like to keep the walls, ceilings and floor of my house white (coated floor) and then work with wood and mid-century Scandinavian design pieces to bring back the color… with a few exceptions: recently started experimenting with colored walls in my sons’ bedroom and my office, earth tones only.

Irene, thank you so much for sharing your inspirations! Friends, follow Bloesem and Bloesem Kids... you won't be disappointed! 

Relaxing Minimalist Pool on The Highland

The application of relaxing place that is positioned in behind of home. It better that the building is located in a highland area. It means, we can get fresh air if we want to take a rest while looking the water on the pool in front. The color of building is calm, it makes our mind to be relax. Okay, see in detail for more.

Modern Bookcases

We've been struggling with the decision whether to buy an iPad or not.  We are late adopter, or maybe even no adopter, type when it comes to technology.  There is something about holding a book and flipping the pages that is really satisfying to us. 

That is, until you want to carry ten books with you when you travel.  And most of them are hardbacks. Times like that make us wonder if printed books are going the way of CDs, you know. Like, who buys CD anymore?

But as we were driving down the Melrose Design district the other day, this gorgeous bookcase from the Poliform showroom almost caused us to crash the car.  It is STUNNING!  It's huge and it's perfect if you have a loft with very tall ceiling.

We don't have the pricing information for this item, sorry.  Poliform is very high-end and upscale, so it is probably really expensive.  But, if you have a really good carpenter, it's probably really easy to build!  And, wouldn't it be great as a room divider too? Just make sure your carpenter anchor it properly.

You see, there is always a place for books! Ipad or no Ipad.

To see more bookcases from Poliform, click here.

Five Ways to Make Your House Younger

Did you see "Hot In Cleveland" last week?  We didn't either, mainly because we don't even know how to find TV Land on our TV.  If you miss it, you can see the full episode here.

Anyway, the reason we mention it is because reading a LA Times review on the show we saw one funny line-- "To think we spent all that time and effort and money trying to look 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter," says Malick, a recently unemployed soap star now being offered grandma roles, "and all we had to do was crash-land in Cleveland."

You'll have to be at that age to know what we are talking about!  You know, the age where we look at younger women more than our husbands do?  The age that we keep saying to ourselves, man, if I can only have my old body back with my current brain? 
Which leads us to this point, do you know your house can look 10 years younger too?  Most people don't realize this, but the way we decorate our house is very much like the way we dress, it literally can add or subtract a few years.

Here are five ways you can instantly update your home:

1) Use fresh and happy colors via use of wallpapers, paints and fabrics.

Wallpapers are so in now.  We love, love it.  Not as much to wallpaper every room like they did in the sixties, but by wallpapering just one wall or a small bathroom or dining room, you can instantly freshen things up.

2) Get rid of things that are outdated.

You know how mom's jean just add 10 years to your age and 10 lbs to your butt?  Outdated things like ivy silk plants, sofa arm covers, oak furniture, shabby chic sofas (so 80s!) are the equivalent of mom's jeans. Worse yet, it screams "grandma"!

3) Update your furniture

Furniture is like fashion.  It changes with time.   You probably notice that furniture are not as heavy as they use to be.  The heavy, ornate look for furniture (think Real Housewives of Orange County/New Jersey/Atlanta) are as out as McMansions.  Rather, look for furniture that are modern and clean-lined with fresh designs.  If you have upholtery pieces with good bones (say, a very comfortable sofa), consider re-upholstering it with new fabrics.  The fabric choices nowadays are amazing. 

4) Get small little things that count.

Sometimes things are so tough that shopping is not an option (2008-2009, anyone?). But you know how sometimes a little thing can make us feel much better, say, a tube of pretty lipstick? It's like that for the home too.  We spend so much time in our home, it's ok to treat yourself a little bit.  Little things like dressing your bed with really good sheets, make your bathroom like a spa etc.  goes a long way.  You see this with a good hotel--it's the little details that make all the difference.

So consider buying a new rug, a couple of pretty pillows--it doesn't have to be expensive.  Homegoods is a good store for bargains like this.  Buy lots of books secondhand.  They make you look smart (and  great accessories too).

Note:  A good source for hotel things is American Hotel Registry.  They sell actual hotel sheets, pillows and mattresses and from what we can see, the prices are pretty good and that you can buy directly from them.  (We are not affiliated with this site in anyway)

5) Go contrarian. 

The problem with trend is that after a while everything looks the same.  Remember how Juicy Couture was all the rage just a couple of years back?  What happened now to those velour tracksuits?

Home trends are like that too.  After a while everyone's house look the same.  Enough with the granite counter already.  Enough with one paint color for each room.  And please, do we need 10,000 square feet home?

The best styles are the ones that buck against the trend, stay true to the classic, and retain its integrity.

Go with your personality and your style, unless, of course, you have no style (in that case, consider hiring help).

Just remember that simpler is better, and less is more.

Masculine Furnishings for Men

Men usually don't have that much say in the decorating of your home, do they?  We think because if we leave it up to them all they will buy is big screen TVs and Lazy Boy chairs.   Say what you will about stereotype.  It exists because it's usually true.

So consider this a "Straight Women for Straight Guys" intervention. Furnishings can be very masculine and stylish at the same time.  Here are some of our favorite furniture lines that have that combination:

Thomas O'Brien for Hickory Chair:
This line is what we would describe as modern American classic. Very clean-lined. Solid, neutral colors. A little bit pricey, but it's the kind of furniture that won't go out of style for a long time.

Michael Weiss for Vanguard Furniture

This is another one of our favorite collection. Manly, but not overly so. There are some soft touches in the details that we like.  Less expensive than Thomas O'Brien, and the quality is just as nice.

Brownstone Furniture:

If you are looking for an affordable line with coordinating and matching items, Brownstone is a good choice. Very inexpensive. They just added a new upholstery collection, which is really nice.  We like the upholstery collection a lot more than the casegoods (industry term for wood pieces).

Bolier Furniture

If your man likes really, really simple, clean-lined things he'll like this line.  Pricey (more on the wood pieces than upholstery-the upholstery products are a bit more reasonable).  It could be a little severe (because it's all straight lines and geometric and muted colors).

As always, warm up these rooms with accessories--such as rugs, artwork, fresh flowers, books etc. We can't emphasize enough what a huge difference this would make.

Ultra Cool Barstool

We love this new modern barstool from Nuevo. It's so sleek!
The seat is upholstered in Italian leather and the base is a solid steel. Very substantial and heavy. The seat runs a bit small in size. Shown here in black, it is also available in white and brown leather. The base is hydraulic, which means you can adjust the seat heigh.

The price is $475.

Grand Living Room Interior Design

grand living room interior design

house designs

grand living room interior design

Design Bucket List: Zettel'z Chandelier

I've been lusting after a lot of things for my home lately... some are well in reach and some just not in the budget right now! So, I thought it would be good to start a list of all the things that I want to own before I die. Here's the first...

What's on your design bucket list??

What happened to our taste?

Okay, so we can't help wondering outloud, what the hell happened to our taste?  What is it that make MTV's Jersey Shore popular?  What is it that sells magazines that featured Gary Coleman's deathbed's picture?  Worse yet, CNN's poll shows that 85% of people think that it's OKAY for his ex-wife to sell those pictures!!!  Why, why, why we ask?

And did you know, the White House crasher made the cut to the Bravo's series Real Housewives of DC?

Here's an excerpt from the Bravo site:

"Michaele Salahi
This northern Virginia native and model is a big part of the inner workings of the D.C. life. She and husband Tareq together founded America’s Polo Cup, for which he is the U.S. team captain. Through her involvement in the Polo Cup, which has become one of the largest and most high profile polo events in the U.S., Michaele has met numerous political leaders across the globe. Additionally, the two are involved in running the Salahi family vineyard, Oasis Winery. Always on the move and juggling multiple projects at once, Michaele is heavily involved in charity work, including being an advocate and fundraising for MS and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. A family girl at heart, Michaele loves spending time at the family vineyard with her stable of horses and beloved dog Rio."
No mention of how tacky these people are and how many lawsuits they are involved with (check out the details here).

Minimalist Home Entry

This is an interesting home's entry. The doormat is wide enough behind the door and woody floor looks elegant. These are yellow, white and brown combination. It will makes the room become simple and natural. For building reference see the picture above in detail.

Pin It Forward: What Home Means To Me

I am participating in the 'Pin It Forward' event where 300 bloggers have been asked to share what home means to them... our answer is to be 'pinned' on the amazing new site pinterest. Well, my friends, I have answered! Click on the image below to see a collection of links that exemplify my personal design style for my own home. And, please be sure to visit my other blog next week, Hello, Splendor, to find out what home means to me on a more personal level...

Troubles Up and Down the Road is passing the torch to me... So, tomorrow, be sure to check out The Life of Linz for their Pin It Forward post! I love a blogger mashup!! 

Modern and Minimalist Bathroom Design

This is a modern bathroom design, which is very popular and very trendy with the color scheme of blue sky and white. The bathroom is in beside the bedroom. These furniture are made in a minimalist style to the modern room, for more clearly please see picture above

Minimalist Building on the Second Floor

The second stairs building with a minimalist appearance is admired by all people commonly. They love minimalist building because there is no many patterns on it, but the building still has more quality. Alright see the picture above, it has simple design and a minimal pattern. It is the second floor concept, there is a wide window in order to look around the city. It is a nice concept, according to me the design is suitable as a minimalist design of casual room.

Thank you, Simply Grove!

A huge THANK YOU to Kirsten of Simply Grove! She listed me as one of her 'Fabulous Bloggers'! Well,  Kirsten, I think you're pretty fabulous yourself... Visit Kirsten's blog!!

Minimalist Living Becomes Very Popular

Nowdays, minimalist style has been popular. Almost every home buildings are designed to minimalist models. Because with the models these building will be more communicative. It can be seen from the colors and decorations. For example; see the picture above, the room is communicative and cheerful. It has minimal furniture and the combination is very nice.

Monday Menagerie: Exposed Brick

images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Front View Minimalist Home Design in Urban Areas

Minimalist home design is very fit to applied in urban areas. It is certainly closer to the city that has a narrow size on area. Commonly we are confused by the placement to decorate its surround. We make a comfortable home design just need to decorate the house with a garden in order to get the fresh air. It is very important, because an urban areas are crowded of the pollutant. So, despite its area is very small in size we should add the garden on our environment.

Minimalist Blue Bedroom Inspiration

New bedroom inspiration. The design like this is as a minimalist design with a simple color and arrangement. ZVMW7BKE8TPE. The color is marine blue, it can makes the room become calm. The decorations and the color are suited.

The Arimbi Minimalist Bedroom Design

The bedroom design is a good example of a minimalist bedroom. The using of the color is very nice that suitable with the texture. It makes the minimalist bedroom design becomes unique and interesting.

Interview + Giveaway on The Someday Blog!

Want to know the 5 places that I find my inspiration?? Go over to The Someday Blog! Jill interviewed me today... and, to top it off, she's also doing a giveaway with a necklace from my new etsy site! Visit her blog to read more about where I find inspiration and to enter the giveaway... you will love her blog!!
*Click Here*

Design Inspirations Q&A: Megan Arquette of Beach Bungalow 8

The list of things that Megan does that inspires me is pretty long, but here are a just a few of the things... She authors an amazing design blog, Beach Bungalow 8, where I find design and lifestyle musings for casual and stylish beach living. Megan is the co-creator of The Skirted Round Table, which is a weekly radio show dedicated to blogging and design. Oh, and, she is the co-founder of the Blog Out Loud event! And, to top it off, she is really just the nicest person... So, I just had to find out what was behind this inspired blogger. Ladies and gents, meet Megan Arquette!

Q.  What is your favorite design blog? You don’t have to name just one! 
A.  I love the Australian design blogs right now. A few of my favorites are the diversion project and absolutely beautiful things, to name a few.

Q.  Who is your favorite interior designer?
A.  I love color and so some of my favorites are those who are masterful at using it.  Alberto Pinto, Miles Redd, Steven Gambrel and Jeffrey Bilhuber are all just brilliant in this area. 

Q.  Who is your favorite fashion designer?
A.  If I walked around in gowns everyday they would all be by Monique L'huillier. But for casual, beach living, I like Walter and Elizabeth James.

Q.  What current design trend do you love right now?
A.  I love that designers are telling the public that it's ok to mix high and low. Someone like designer Eddie Ross has been so influential in guiding people to look at something that might be considered junk, and using it in an innovative way. I see more and more people dumpster diving and giving old furniture a new look with fabric and paint. It's cost effective, creates a great look and is a wonderful way to recycle. 

Q.  Where do you look for inspiration? 
A.  Often my inspiration comes from going to a Flea Market or a fabric showroom. But also love a great shelter rag. I think Elle Decor and House Beautiful have both become such great reads and both always have something that inspires. 

Q.  What music inspires you?
A.  I'm always, always on the look out for new music. I like interesting voices and simple chords. Right now I'm listening to the XXs, Kid Cudi, Lykke Li, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and one of my all time faves is Wilco.

Q.  What was your favorite splurge for your home?
A.  I have some really nice European antiques. I especially love my, French 1840s Gueridon table with the gray marble top. It just adds such an element of grace and beauty to any room I've used it in.

Q.  What was your best frugal find?
A.  A painting of a mum that I found on ebay for $35.00

Q.  Do you have a design pet peeve? 
A.  Matching bedroom furniture. 

Q.  What is your color of choice right now?
A.  I always gravitate toward greens and blues, but I do love the tonal grays that seem to be popping up everywhere. 

Q.  Where is your favorite place to read a good book or catch up on your blog reads?
A.  At the beach!

Q.  What is your favorite home furnishings shop?
A.  High end: Los Angeles based, Lee Stanton has exquisite antiques and is very fair in his pricing. He's also a wealth of knowledge and is so good at sharing his expertise in a way that's comfortable. 
Low end: Long Beach Flea Market. It's insanely fabulous. I get apoplectic when I'm there. It's just brimming with great finds.

Q.  Describe your personal style. 
A.  I'd say I have an Urban/ Beach vibe. I love beautiful things, no matter the price and I love mixing it all. I love really good textiles but they need to be durable for sandy feet and dogs.  My decorating style is the equivalent of wearing a top from Target with Shoes from Barney's. Hi - Lo all the way. 

Megan, thank you so much!! I'll be reading your blog religiously and crossing my fingers that Blog Out Loud comes to Dallas. Friends, follow Beach Bungalow 8, if you don't already. It's incredible!

Minimalism Concept On Relaxing Room

When we talk about minimalism, certainly there is a simply concept. There is no elaborate ornament, no statuary. We just decide that there is smooth wall or just simple pattern on it; we may say it is something spare. If we are thinking about minimalism concept, I am sure that we certainly choose solid colors. Look at the picture above, the colors are well chosen: there, the colors are brown collaborations. This is clearly a room designed for relaxation or free time. The room includes of simple beautiful room.

Minimalist Design on Simple Livingroom

Minimalist design means design that has a simple on its view. Although the design is very simple but it can make everyone interested. One of them is solid-color that covering the floor or a plain wall-to-wall carpet. The minimalist design doesn’t have many carvings. Nowadays the stripes on the wall have become the popular minimalist design. The important thing is minimalist exterior or interior will tend to be of spare design.

Giveaway on Hello, Splendor!!

You know my very favorite pillow line?? Well, you should! I've only blogged about it THREE TIMES! Well, I'm doing a giveaway to win one of AphroChic's amazing pillows on my other blog, Hello, Splendor! Just click on the image to hop on over to my other blog and enter to win!!

Monday Menagerie: Outdoor Dining

Minimalist and Comfortable Bathroom

How to make comfortable bathroom that based on your need, we certainly need a bathroom that is done by professional designer. The first our thinking is what the design like, then what color we should take in order to match the design. If in the bathroom has a big size, we can place a bathtub there. For the toilet or sink can be positioned in the niche space, just like the picture above. To decorate the room it can be fitted with a towel rack or other bathroom equipment.

Accessories Placement On The Children Room

We know that accessories is very important for our room decorations, moreover if we think to design our children room. We should put accessories decoration there, such as; doll, miniatures, toy etc. It is likes the room above, we find doll, miniatures on the cabinets. It can makes them comfortable. They will enjoy to these decorations because basically every children like a decorations, colors and miniatures. So we need to apply it to our children room.

Design Inspirations Q&A: Bryn of Bryn Alexandra Interiors

Bryn Dunn is a fabulous interior decorator and design blogger living in Charlotte, NC. On her design blog, Bryn shares everything from design inspiration, to her own home design, to bits of her personal life. She is constantly inspired and passes that on to her readers... and because of her passion for all things design, I wanted to know more about her! So, ladies and gents, meet Bryn Dunn!! 

Q.  What is your favorite design blog? You don’t have to name just one! 
A.  Oh, there are so many! Pretty much all the links on the sidebar of my blog are favorites, but to name a few - design*sponge, What I Wore (which is actually fashion related), Little Green Notebook, and High Street Market.

Q.  What is your favorite interior designer?
A.  Windsor Smith. Ginger Brewton and Vanessa de Vargas are two very talented young women that I also admire.

Q.  What is your favorite fashion designer?
A.  Although not a fashion designer, I love Jenna Lyons, creative director of J.Crew. She has impeccable style and makes it accessible to the every day woman.

Q.  What current design trend do you love right now?
A.  Wallpaper! I have to restrain myself to not suggest wallpaper in every project I do.

Q.  Where do you look for inspiration? 
A.  First and foremost, blogs. I love blogs! But also fashion and advertising - I am currently designing a room based off of a Kate Spade winter campaign.

Q.  What music inspires you?
A.  I'm either listening to girly musicians like Regina Spektor or 80's New Wave like Tears for Fears.

Q.  What was your favorite splurge for your home?
A.  At this point in time, the biggest splurge is our large flat panel TV. However, if you ask me in a few months I'm sure I'll have a different answer.. we just closed on a house that needs to be designed! I am a pretty frugal person though. What I would splurge on is art.

Q.  What was your best frugal find?
A.  At the Rose Bowl Flea Market (Southern Cal), I found an old steel dresser with casters. It was originally used in a hospital and has a small tag that reads "Property of San Deigo Co." I got it for around $100 and I love it. I considered it a major frugal find since "industrial chic" pieces are pretty pricey when you buy them retail. Right now it's painted silver, but someday I plan on having it stripped down to the original stainless steel finish.

Q.  Do you have a design pet peeve? 
A.  Rugs too small under a dining room table. If the rug is too small, it's better to just have no rug at all!

Q.  What is your color of choice right now?
A.  Green. I just moved to North Carolina where the trees are so lush and beautiful and green. I've noticed I have been using green a lot, and I think I'm subconsciously inspired by the gorgeous trees.

Q.  Where is your favorite place to read a good book or catch up on your blog reads?
A.  I love reading books snuggled up in bed. I usually am reading my blogs on my chaise lounge.

Q.  What is your favorite home furnishings shop?
A.  Although it's out of my price range, Jayson Home and Garden is my favorite. I've never been to the actual storefront but I love everything on the website.

Q.  Describe your personal style. 
A.  I love mixing things. New and old, mid century and traditional. I almost called my interior decorating business "urban cottage" - I think that describes it very well.

Bryn, Thanks so much for sharing a bit of yourself. Friends, visit Bryn's blog! You'll be hooked... Here's a quick peek of her work...

Minimalist Bedroom Design for Children

Bedroom designs for kids are usually in full color design. The bedroom has an attractive and comfortable appearance for children. The design is simple and minimalist. The room is only a child’s bedroom with modern nuances.