Luxury Silk Flowers

Spring is in the air, can you smell it?  After weeks and weeks of rain we finally got a sunny day in Sausalito.   Who knew the sun could feel so darn good...

We just got an email from our silk flowers vendor today and we have to show you their new stuff.  It's gorgeous and it's a great way to bring spring inside your home all the time.

Don't forget, silk flowers are kinda like perfume.  You CAN NOT get the cheap stuff! It has to be upscale or you better off not having nothing at all.

Take a look at these...

Aren't these beautiful?  We'll be loading them up in our luxury silk flowers section soon, so please check back in a couple of days...

Favorite Thing-Marble Kitchen Island

We just came accross this modern kitchen island the other day and we just love it.  It's so versatile. You can use it as an island or a kitchen counter or a dining counter or extra shelving unit.  Plus it goes so well with the new modern, white marble kitchen that is all the rage right now. 

It's priced at $2700 including shipping and you can find it here.

Crazy for Modern Designs

We are nuts for modern designs, especially ones that are warm and livable.  Here are some eye candies on modern designs for you today....

PS Did you notice how home accessories make all the difference in making it look warm and cozy?

Patio And The Surrounding Place

Patio and decks has an important function for our home. They are a place which can decorate our home. It is also used to enjoy the time by blowing the wind while drinking coffee with friends. Patio and decks can be placed at in front home or on the top of building.

The homeowner usually make the patio at back yard of home while enjoying the landscape around, river, mountains, beach, or mountain side can be object when we enjoying a free time.

winners announced!

A big big thank you to all who participated in our wonderful blog hop with Eclectic Paperie and for all of you heartfelt comments! They truly mean a lot and are much appreciated!! Here is a list of all the winners:

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And the winner of the much loved PINK ATG Gun is....... SUSAN!!

Susan said...

I LOVE this L/O!! the colors are great, the details perfect! I agree the student made a great Alice. I am not a huge AIW fan, But I am a Tea fan, this is an awesome set, (the scraps, not sure I want the stamps...I love the oz set and the country set)
I am a new follower, and i thank you for the opportunity to win something. (especially this something LOL)

So excited for you Susan! Thank you so much for playing along and following my blog. Drop me a line with your mailing address so I can mail you your pinkalicious sensation!

How to Make Up Kitchen Room

The basic thing is that the kitchen room should be kept clean and fresh always so that the foods do not get spoiled.The next thing that comes in for a good kitchen is how to brighten up the kitchen so that everything can be seen properly and if there is any unwanted thing it can be removed. The most people feel easy in in home building but they feel really really difficult to keep it. And finally the room is full of unwanted things then makes us bored. Nowdays,minimalist and furniture are designed simply, so it doesn't need a complicated thing which is used to fill our room. It is like minimalist livingroom, interior and minimalist kitchen.

Crafty Secrets and Eclectic Paperie (Shabby) blog hop

Good Morning All! Wow it has been such a long while since I have posted something here in blog-world. I have been so busy with work and personal life that I needed to take a break for a spell. Thank heavens spring break is on the horizon so I can relax my mind and sip margarita while snuggled up with my husband's Kindle. I sort of feel guilty about this birthday present that I stole from him...but he seems to be content with all the magic his phone has to offer. Boys and their gadgets!

Today I have a special post and event to share with you. The design team girls from Crafty Secrets have teamed up with the lovely ladies from Eclectic Paperie for a fun filled blog hop! The theme for this hop is "Shabby Chic". I decided to use the Wonderland Tea Party Scraps to show you a different 12x12 layout idea. This little lady is a student at the school where I work. She was an adorable Alice for Halloween and a perfect model for the focal point of this layout.

I decided to use the scrap of Alice with her elongated neck since it off-set my photograph. I then made a pocket behind the mat where I tucked a scrap turned into a tag/journaling spot. The little cutout ticket was my final touch of Crafty Secrets. The paper I used is from Pink Paislee - love its shabbiness! I always love adding flower embellishments to all of my designs. Sometimes I probably go overboard, but I just love the dimension and "pop" they give my pieces - I can't help myself! I vintage piece of handmade lace I found at a flea market adds more textured shabbiness to this layout.

Both Eclectic Paperie and Crafty Secrets will be giving away prizes. A total of six prizes all together! You can find out more about the prizes on the Heartwarming Vintage and Eclectic Paperie blogs ( linked below). The more DT blogs you visit and leave comments on, the more you increase your chances to win one of the 6 prizes. Winners to be announced on Monday.
Annnd....I decided to add my own prize to one lucky winner! Leave a comment and become a follower if you aren't already. Your prize? A pink ATG gun! Yep! I just LOVE my ATG gun and use it on every project! And refills for this puppy are easy to find online or at your local craft show like Michaels. You will love it! Winner will be announced Monday!

Good luck and be sure to hop along and leave those comments!!
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Gorgeous Interiors from Emily Gilbert

Happy Friday!

Just want to share some beautiful images from our favorite phographer, Emily Gilbert.  We love the soft & pretty designs of the rooms and how crisply she captures them...

All photos from Emily Gilbert Photography

Clever Patio On Behind of Home

The patio is very clever to have complex diagonals are created by grass. Look at the fence around, It gives a minimalist sense of patio concept. The entrance to the car park had been laid with fancy bricks. It's better if the sand is replaced by water.

The Best Idea In Decorating Bathroom

As long as we know that bathroom is not only a place which is used for taking shower, but it also can be used for setting up our mood in the early morning. It's better that we can design as good as we hope. It means we will never feel bored when we enter the room. While we can reach our spirit we also get a good mood in order to step the day surely. Put the matching decorations you want,or maybe if you want to sing a song while you're taking shower, it's better you put an audio system in your bathroom. A large mirror also give a positive effect too. It depends our want. Okay,the best idea in decorating bathroom has been in our mind. Good luck..

House of Spanish architect Beatriz Elorza

Two Gustavian console tables stand out in the entry room. The picture is from Ricardo Cavada. The black carpet is from the fantastic Italian designer Paola Lenti. The other carpet on top is Rich Basagoiti.

The leather carpet in the corridor marks the transition between the living and the dining room. The beautiful black and white picture is from Nuno Nunes Ferreira -gallery Juan SiliĆ³.

Projected by the architect Beatriz Elorza, this 900 m2 house near Madrid is a search for space and light, sometimes so shy in the north of Spain. The interior exudes the warmth and grace of an elegant and personal decoration.

Loft in Toronto

Originally a printing press factory, this Toronto building was converted into lofts many years ago. The owners wanted to improve the openness and flow between spaces. The design intent was to accentuate original features, and give attention to the quality of loft living. The kitchen was realigned and extended under the stairs to create a better path of travel and spatial division. Custom millwork, natural finishes and muted colours were used to create a more cohesive space. Modern furniture combined with unique colourful pieces creates inviting conversational seating in the living area, while monochromatic cabinets and tiles in the kitchen calm and integrate the large extent of storage.