Fabulous Kitchen Designs

We had a dinner party the other day and we found that everyone just gravitated toward the kitchen, and stayed there! If you think about it, the kitchen is probably one of the most used rooms in the house. Well, in our house anyway.

Since we're feeling lazy this week, we thought we just lift material from other sources and show you some amazing kitchen designs.  Hope you'll enjoy them!

Source:  myhomeideas.com, elledecor.com.

Designer To Watch-Stephen Gambrel

You probably have seen Stephen Gambrel's work before, as he has been featured in several magazines. We thought we'd do a quick show of his portolio--Just so you'd have some eye candy for the day...

Images from Stephen Gambrel

Fabulous American Style!

People always talk about how chic the French are and how sexy the Latinas are, but you know what, we think American style is so incredibly chic and sexy.  We invented American sportswear, which is so sexy in the most effortless way.

Take a look at the Michael Kors RTW Spring show:

Images from Style.com

Now, if we can only find an easy way to get that gap between the thighs, we'll be all set!

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