Gimme My Decorating Magazines Back!

The NY Times today has an article on The Selby.  You probably heard of the site.  It's about real people in their homes--some famous, some not.  The article also went on to discuss how people can relate more to "real places" than professionally decked up places frequently featured in decor magazines, which contributes to their ever growing popularity. 

We love the Selby too but in a way, it's like watching Rachel Ray cooks vs a professional chef.  There is no competition!    Magazines offer beautifully shot, gorgeous decor that we can fantasize about. We don't want to look at houses that look just like ours, for god's sake.  For example, look at the image below from Homebodies, one of the blogs mentioned:

We want our decorating magazines back!  We miss them, terribly.

Real Cool Barstool

We totally dig this barstool from Arteriors. It has an unique shape to it, and we love the organic look/feel.

The barstool sells at $450/each  with free shipping.

You can find the specifications in our barstool section.

Modern Silk Flower Arrangements

Just want to share with you some beautiful modern floral arrangements we just got in...

These can be found in our silk flowers section. If you see them in person you wouldn't believe how real they look.

Modern and Glamorous-Chandelier from Barbara Cosgrove

We are loving this new chandelier from Barbara Cosgrove.  It's so chic, don't you think? 

The chandelier is priced at $925 including shipping.
The shades can also be replaced with parchment shades. The best thing is, it can be painted with any Benjamin Moore paint color. How clever!
You can find this chandelier in our Barbara Cosgrove Lamps section.

Design Bucket List: Wegner Wishbone Chair

Please excuse me for being incommunicado lately... I've been incredibly busy with new client jobs and blogging just slipped through the cracks! I'm back and ready to post. And, what a wonderful thing to post?? I am in love with the wishbone chair! It's on my bucket list...

source: 123, 4

Costly Exterior Design Pictures

costly exterior design pictures

exterior design

costly exterior design pictures

D Home: Crazy or Cool??

Take a look at my comment in the latest D Home magazine... What do you think??

New Jamie Young Lamps

Have you seen the new Jamie Young lamps lately?  They have some beautiful new fabrics...

If you are not familiar with Jamie Young, check it out. It's a really cool line.  Well-made and not too terribly expensive.  Plus you can swap out the shades to create different looks.

Here are some of our favorites:

We'll be posting these up in our Jamie Young Lamps section by the end of this week.

PS Did you notice the slideshow? Cool heh? We just discovered it on Picasa. It's free and super simple to use.

Souvenir Stylings: Palm Beach

Help me pick the design direction for my new 'client's' vacation home... I'm guest blogging on Aspiring Kennedy and want your opinion!

Decor Dallas Covers Bradley Agather's Condo!

Another huge thanks to the amazing Rebecca Sherman for her coverage on Bradley Agather's condo on her blog! Visit her site to read more... Her blog is always full of great information! She's a journalist who covers all kinds of design related stories for major publications and she uses her blog to cover the stories the way she wants to! Plus, she get to post all kinds of great things that never make it to press. It's a must read! Go. Now!

photo by justin clemons

photo by kevin dotolo

Nest Interior Design featured in Modern Luxury!

Take a look at a couple of my gorgeous clients!! Both Lauren Chapman and Bradley Agather were featured in the July/August issue of Dallas Modern Luxury for interior design by yours truly! To read more go here and go see more pictures of their home on our website: For Lauren Chapman's home click here. For Bradley Agather's home click here.

Congratulations, ladies! You look stunning... and your homes do, too!

A huge thanks to Rebecca Sherman for the amazing story!

Back in Action!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately! I have been on vacation and enjoying every minute of it... You can see fun vacation pics of me on the Jersey Shore here. I'm back in action now! And, I came back to a great surprise... The new Dallas Modern Luxury is out and, not one, but TWO of my gorgeous client's homes we're featured! To be posted shortly...

Contemporary Dinnerware

Do you ever go to fancy restaurants and wish you can buy the dinnerware?  The ones that are so cool and make everything look better?  Well, we saw some at the Dallas show and we thought we'd share it with you.  It's so cool, and not too expensive either.  The line is made in Germany--very contemporary and sleek.

Here are some examples:

You can buy them directly at the vendor's web site.  They are sold in Euro.

Dreaming of A Modern Beach Home

Are you summering somewhere this summer?  Not us!  We're stuck here at work, trying to make a living.

But indulge in fantasies we must. So let's look at some really, really pretty modern beach houses today...

In case you are wondering, this house is in Alys Beach, Florida.  Don't you just love how simple and neutral it is?

Pretty Linens from Lili Alessandra

We saw the bedding/decorative pillows/drapery line from Lili Alessandra in Dallas last week and we just fell in love.  It's  really pretty, but in a clean-lined, modern kinda of way.

If you like neutral colors, soft and pretty bedding you'll dig this line.  The best thing about it is you can get coordinating pieces for everything.  For example, you can order the headboard to coordinate with the bedding, drapery and so on...

Here are some samples:

We'll be posting this online in our decorative pillows and bedding section soon. In the mean time, if you would like pricing info please drop us a line...

Contemporary House With A Simple Garden

This contemporary house has quite clean and simple, consisting of interesting garden. the house is composed of two distinct and equally appealing parts – private and public – that are defined by a thick interior wall running physically and figuratively through the length of the house. The interior is also looking very clean, simple materials.

Arimbi Minimalist Design

This is font view application, Arimbi Minimalist. The building looks very strong because the foundation is arranged regularly. There are many simple windows and cone roofs appear smartly.

Startling Burj Al Arab Building Design

startling burj Al Arab building design

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