Design Inspirations Q&A: Bryn of Bryn Alexandra Interiors

Bryn Dunn is a fabulous interior decorator and design blogger living in Charlotte, NC. On her design blog, Bryn shares everything from design inspiration, to her own home design, to bits of her personal life. She is constantly inspired and passes that on to her readers... and because of her passion for all things design, I wanted to know more about her! So, ladies and gents, meet Bryn Dunn!! 

Q.  What is your favorite design blog? You don’t have to name just one! 
A.  Oh, there are so many! Pretty much all the links on the sidebar of my blog are favorites, but to name a few - design*sponge, What I Wore (which is actually fashion related), Little Green Notebook, and High Street Market.

Q.  What is your favorite interior designer?
A.  Windsor Smith. Ginger Brewton and Vanessa de Vargas are two very talented young women that I also admire.

Q.  What is your favorite fashion designer?
A.  Although not a fashion designer, I love Jenna Lyons, creative director of J.Crew. She has impeccable style and makes it accessible to the every day woman.

Q.  What current design trend do you love right now?
A.  Wallpaper! I have to restrain myself to not suggest wallpaper in every project I do.

Q.  Where do you look for inspiration? 
A.  First and foremost, blogs. I love blogs! But also fashion and advertising - I am currently designing a room based off of a Kate Spade winter campaign.

Q.  What music inspires you?
A.  I'm either listening to girly musicians like Regina Spektor or 80's New Wave like Tears for Fears.

Q.  What was your favorite splurge for your home?
A.  At this point in time, the biggest splurge is our large flat panel TV. However, if you ask me in a few months I'm sure I'll have a different answer.. we just closed on a house that needs to be designed! I am a pretty frugal person though. What I would splurge on is art.

Q.  What was your best frugal find?
A.  At the Rose Bowl Flea Market (Southern Cal), I found an old steel dresser with casters. It was originally used in a hospital and has a small tag that reads "Property of San Deigo Co." I got it for around $100 and I love it. I considered it a major frugal find since "industrial chic" pieces are pretty pricey when you buy them retail. Right now it's painted silver, but someday I plan on having it stripped down to the original stainless steel finish.

Q.  Do you have a design pet peeve? 
A.  Rugs too small under a dining room table. If the rug is too small, it's better to just have no rug at all!

Q.  What is your color of choice right now?
A.  Green. I just moved to North Carolina where the trees are so lush and beautiful and green. I've noticed I have been using green a lot, and I think I'm subconsciously inspired by the gorgeous trees.

Q.  Where is your favorite place to read a good book or catch up on your blog reads?
A.  I love reading books snuggled up in bed. I usually am reading my blogs on my chaise lounge.

Q.  What is your favorite home furnishings shop?
A.  Although it's out of my price range, Jayson Home and Garden is my favorite. I've never been to the actual storefront but I love everything on the website.

Q.  Describe your personal style. 
A.  I love mixing things. New and old, mid century and traditional. I almost called my interior decorating business "urban cottage" - I think that describes it very well.

Bryn, Thanks so much for sharing a bit of yourself. Friends, visit Bryn's blog! You'll be hooked... Here's a quick peek of her work...