Design Inspirations Q&A: Irene Hoofs of Bloesem Blogs

It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to Irene Hoofs of Bloesem and Bloesem Kids! She authors an amazing design blog and my very favorite kids blog. You can tell from her posts that she is passionate and loves what she does. Every entry is inspired and passes along excitement to her readers... mainly me! Irene was born in Amsterdam and is now living in Kuala Limpur, so I love the international flavor of both her blogs. Take a look at her blogs for yourself, but first... Meet Irene Hoofs...

Q.  What is your favorite design blog? You don’t have to name just one!
A.  Some of my favorites are based in different parts of the world, when I visit them all in one day it gives me a super international feel…Grijs, poppytalk, Kitka, Jane Foster, the design files, boligliv’s blog, Decor8, Pia Jane … and many more…

Q.  What is your favorite interior designer?
A.  I have to say my husband…sounds crazy perhaps, he is a lawyer by profession, but I just love his impeccable sense for style and detail… and my friends from Amsterdam, Xander and Leon aka XandL. Not sure whether they call themselves interior designers…I would call them interior artists. (They create the most beautiful gardens too!)

Q.  What is your favorite fashion designer?
A.  Dries van Nooten and Ann DeMeulemeester

Q.  What current design trend do you love right now?
A.  Bamboo and rattan furniture mixed with modern design pieces. 

Q.  Where do you look for inspiration? 
A.  The sun and bright skies always bring me in the right mood and then inspiration is everywhere…online, on the street, our garden and Books! 

Q. &nbrp;What music inspires you?
A.  Music to me is not so much about finding inspiration, but more to bring me in a relaxed mood. I’m the kind of person that can’t work with music on. But when driving or at night I love to listen to Mary J. Blige, Maxwell, Angie Stone, Roberta Flack and I have been a huge fan of Queen since I was 15, the earlier Queen songs that is.

Q.  What was your favorite splurge for your home?
A.  Still has to be made, the Tufty-time sofa by B&B Italia.

Q.  What was your best frugal find?
A.  A pile of Linen Fabric, I believe it was more than 55 yards. I have made many cushions, blankets out of them and it was only 15 dollars or something.

Q.  Do you have a design pet peeve? 
A.  ‘Sets of Two’… two identical vases in a window or two exactly the same candleholders on a table. Don’t get me wrong, I do like a group of beautiful pieces, but it shouldn’t be exactly the same pieces. 

Q.  What is your color of choice right now?
A.  Yellow…which in many countries represents luck I understand.

Q.  Where is your favorite place to read a good book or catch up on your blog reads?
A.  Outside in our garden around 5pm with a gin and tonic!

Q.  What is your favorite home furnishings shop?
A.  Haven’t found the right place yet here in Kuala Lumpur.

Q.  Describe your personal style. 
A.  White, spacious, with only a few iconic design pieces and other collectibles that have a special meaning to me. I like to keep the walls, ceilings and floor of my house white (coated floor) and then work with wood and mid-century Scandinavian design pieces to bring back the color… with a few exceptions: recently started experimenting with colored walls in my sons’ bedroom and my office, earth tones only.

Irene, thank you so much for sharing your inspirations! Friends, follow Bloesem and Bloesem Kids... you won't be disappointed!