Design Inspirations Q&A: Megan Arquette of Beach Bungalow 8

The list of things that Megan does that inspires me is pretty long, but here are a just a few of the things... She authors an amazing design blog, Beach Bungalow 8, where I find design and lifestyle musings for casual and stylish beach living. Megan is the co-creator of The Skirted Round Table, which is a weekly radio show dedicated to blogging and design. Oh, and, she is the co-founder of the Blog Out Loud event! And, to top it off, she is really just the nicest person... So, I just had to find out what was behind this inspired blogger. Ladies and gents, meet Megan Arquette!

Q.  What is your favorite design blog? You don’t have to name just one! 
A.  I love the Australian design blogs right now. A few of my favorites are the diversion project and absolutely beautiful things, to name a few.

Q.  Who is your favorite interior designer?
A.  I love color and so some of my favorites are those who are masterful at using it.  Alberto Pinto, Miles Redd, Steven Gambrel and Jeffrey Bilhuber are all just brilliant in this area. 

Q.  Who is your favorite fashion designer?
A.  If I walked around in gowns everyday they would all be by Monique L'huillier. But for casual, beach living, I like Walter and Elizabeth James.

Q.  What current design trend do you love right now?
A.  I love that designers are telling the public that it's ok to mix high and low. Someone like designer Eddie Ross has been so influential in guiding people to look at something that might be considered junk, and using it in an innovative way. I see more and more people dumpster diving and giving old furniture a new look with fabric and paint. It's cost effective, creates a great look and is a wonderful way to recycle. 

Q.  Where do you look for inspiration? 
A.  Often my inspiration comes from going to a Flea Market or a fabric showroom. But also love a great shelter rag. I think Elle Decor and House Beautiful have both become such great reads and both always have something that inspires. 

Q.  What music inspires you?
A.  I'm always, always on the look out for new music. I like interesting voices and simple chords. Right now I'm listening to the XXs, Kid Cudi, Lykke Li, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, and one of my all time faves is Wilco.

Q.  What was your favorite splurge for your home?
A.  I have some really nice European antiques. I especially love my, French 1840s Gueridon table with the gray marble top. It just adds such an element of grace and beauty to any room I've used it in.

Q.  What was your best frugal find?
A.  A painting of a mum that I found on ebay for $35.00

Q.  Do you have a design pet peeve? 
A.  Matching bedroom furniture. 

Q.  What is your color of choice right now?
A.  I always gravitate toward greens and blues, but I do love the tonal grays that seem to be popping up everywhere. 

Q.  Where is your favorite place to read a good book or catch up on your blog reads?
A.  At the beach!

Q.  What is your favorite home furnishings shop?
A.  High end: Los Angeles based, Lee Stanton has exquisite antiques and is very fair in his pricing. He's also a wealth of knowledge and is so good at sharing his expertise in a way that's comfortable. 
Low end: Long Beach Flea Market. It's insanely fabulous. I get apoplectic when I'm there. It's just brimming with great finds.

Q.  Describe your personal style. 
A.  I'd say I have an Urban/ Beach vibe. I love beautiful things, no matter the price and I love mixing it all. I love really good textiles but they need to be durable for sandy feet and dogs.  My decorating style is the equivalent of wearing a top from Target with Shoes from Barney's. Hi - Lo all the way. 

Megan, thank you so much!! I'll be reading your blog religiously and crossing my fingers that Blog Out Loud comes to Dallas. Friends, follow Beach Bungalow 8, if you don't already. It's incredible!