How Pathetic Am I?

After finally putting the yard to bed for the winter, sewing, shopping, and painting for clients, creating my new line of one-of-a-kind designer sofa throws(pictures of some of them will be on my next post), catching up on my own projects( pant! pant!), putting up my Christmas decorations(this year it only took me 4 ten hour days instead of 6...I'm downsizing!), having parties, going to parties, shopping for Christmas, having my wonderful daughter and her 3 perfect children(Ssnta was watching...of course!)visit us for a week, taking down Christmas, etc., etc.,etc., I am finally posting my Chritmas pics!!! A few years ago, Scott Zimmerman, a local photographer for many well known magazines, sold an article and pictures of my Christmas House to Paula Dean's special edition of her Christmas magazine. For some very stange reason that NO one ever discovered, it never got published. Oh! Well! At least I can share some of the pics I took this year with you all! I am a Santa freak, as you will see, even though they were some of the things I downsized this year. I've been collecting for 23 years and am now only buying one a year and IT has to make me cry(my standard for shopping purchases). Please note I promise I will be VERY faithful in keeping my blog current with new "stuff". Please share it with your friends and family and let me know your thoughts and comments. I know this is a really long blog, but we HAVE to get Christmas behind us!!! Happy New Year... until we meet again! Love, Allison