Birds of a Feather

Birds of a feather don't really flock MY garden at least. They just come to visit with all of my other friends to see where I've put my latest garage sale, thrift store, and boutique finds, in my yard. With the price of flowers going "to the birds" I've tried to find new ways to fill pots, nooks and otherwise empty spots with a bit of humor and whimsy. Originally I had over 50 pots. The expense was staggering and watering them took 100's of hours a week!!! (Well it felt like that) And did I mention the deadheading??? Plus BIG BONUS...I can use the birdhouses over and over again every year. So, like I love to say, start looking now for fun, new ways to use something ordinary in creative ways to share with your best friends, be they fowl or human. 'Til we meet again! Love, Allison