Design Inspirations Q&A: Ashlina of The Decorista

Meet the lovely Ashlina! She is the blogger and interior designer behind The Decorista Blog. In fact, she IS The Decorista! Ashlina is a native Texan, transported to California, so I couldn't resist finding out what inspires her since she and Nest Interior Design share a birthplace. The Decorista is a fun and feminine design blog that blends all of the best parts of interior design and fashion. She blogs with style and personality, which always makes a for a 'must-read' in my eyes. So, without further ado... Meet Ashlina!

Q. What is your favorite design blog? You don’t have to name just one!
A. hands down is my favorite design blog ever...
i enjoy reading and (boy design blogs are my newest  love) and is my baby (how could it not be my fave).

Q. What is your favorite interior designer?
A. Why Kelly Wearstler, of course, she is an icon! I also have really fallen for the work of Jeff Andrews, he is rocking LA with his style.

Q. What is your favorite fashion designer?
A. I think everything done by Karl Lagerfeld is genius! 

Q. What current design trend do you love right now?
A. Honestly, I am loving wallpaper. I remember hating wallpaper forever, but when it made its resurgence I fell hard! I also am now obsessed with everything brass! It's so glam!

Q. Where do you look for inspiration? 
A. Honestly, fashion blogs are rocking my world right now. I love the styles, colors, fabrics, moods, personalities, all of it! I then relate it to interior design and think about the fashion mood I can create in a room. It makes design so much fun for me.

Q. What music inspires you?
A. I love ALL music. Right my car are a Tribe Called Quest, Kings of Leon, Frank Sinatra, Marvin Gaye, and Sade. 

Q. What was your favorite splurge for your home?
A. My sheets, I am such a bed snob. I have to have a foam pad, feather bed, layers of soft sheets and pillows. To me, a great bed is the ultimate indulgence and luxury.

Q. What was your best frugal find?
A. I recently found a vintage piece of art, a huge old Vogue magazine print for nothing. However, I have found so many things on the streets of my neighborhood, my headboard, side tables, a dresser, bathroom cabinets, and a bar cart. ALL ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD! With some paint and cleaning up, they have furnished my apartment perfectly! So i can spend more money on my sheets ;).

Q. Do you have a design pet peeve? 
A. I do. I hate to say this, but I literally can't stand when people buy everything out of a catalog and set up their home very generic. Give me some personality to see! I have tons of friends with this problem. I love helping them get some style!

Q. What is your color of choice right now?
A. Turquoise is the ultra hot color right now, which i have always loved but I am also really getting into the color gray. It's my new zen color, so calming and comforting. I have been so drawn to it lately.

Q. Where is your favorite place to read a good book or catch up on your blog reads?
A. Right now I am loving the warm weather and loving setting up a reading station on my patio, a book or my macbook, some tea and lots of fluffy pillows and my little baby chihuahua SOPHIE ROSE.

Q. What is your favorite home furnishings shop?
A. Z Gallerie. If I could decorate my apartment from one store, it would be Z Gallerie. Everything is so fun and stylish and inspiring. I also love going into ANTHROPOLOGIE for ideas and decorations...those stores are my bliss.

Q. Describe your personal style. 
A. This is a hard one...It's a mix. I'm a little bit feminine + glamorous, a little bit edgy and a dash of traditional. I am like a mixture of the things I love. It's kind of like my ethnicity...I'm a part hungarian, mexican and spanish. A little bit of everything!

Thanks so much, Ashlina!! And, my friends, stop by The Decorista and add her to your list of daily reads...