more paper than shoes

Hasn't this winter seemed to last forever? So many storms covering every inch of the's hard to escape it. I am really over winter's kiss and ready to snuggle into spring's embrace. The weather here has also changed for the better....40s this week and maybe even a 50 or fingers crossed it is right around the corner! We can almost see grass again and gardening catalogs are popping into our mailbox making me ready to see tulips, peonies, daffodils. The good news? Spring will be coming a little bit earlier to my little mailbox and studio...

I was so excited to find out that I will be designing for Anna Fearer - an amazingly talented paper artist. Her specialty? You guessed it - FLOWERS! Beautiful paper blooms in an array of designs, textures, and colors! I cannot wait to adorn my projects with her pretties and share them with you! And you probably already guessed that I am quite the flower addict - so this is just wonderful on so many levels and right up my alley!

The name of her business is "More Paper Than Shoes" - isn't that just a brilliant?! I am sure many of you can relate - I know I can! She had opened a world of flower power with her Etsy shop, personal blog, and her new design team blog. Six artists were selected to showcase her work as part of her new creative team.

Here are just a few of Anna's masterpieces (including the flower above):

Springtime - here we come!