Here is an altered picture I just finished of my little Meepers (you can click on her to see the textures I added). Her real name is Lilly, but she tends to go by Meeps or Bean depending on our mood and the situation. This ball of fuzz loves to talk - or "meep". She is always at the ready to tell us when she is irritated, happy, mad, sad, or ready to eat. Each morning she is waiting at our bedroom door ready to tell us all about the late night goings-ons in our home and eagerly awaits our arrival after work. This little gal is always at the ready with a story and loves to peek over my shoulder when I am sitting on the couch blogging to all my peeps. So when I turn around - this is exactly what I see! And each time I look at her - she meeps! So I thought I'd share her with you tonight so she can say hello to all of you!

Did I mention she is a lap kitty? Here she is with my husband - her human pet pillow. We have tons of little cat beds for her to use...but she always finds his lap - no matter what he is doing. Tends to make grading papers a little more challenging for him - but makes me smile every time she does it!

New album to share with you tomorrow night! Sleep tight!