Things I Love...

Things I love - some of the quirkiness that makes me - me :o)
  1. Brand new socks (preferably tennis shoe style)
  2. Having my feet tickled
  3. Furry kitty bellies
  4. Freshly cleaned sheets - right out of the dryer!
  5. Smelling Scotch tape
  6. Cream cheese on saltine crackers
  7. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter marathons
  8. Pinochle
  9. The smell of brand new (or old) books (apparently I am into "smells")
  10. Sushi with lots of wasabi!
What do you love?

And here is my layout for today - I finally got things together in my studio to have time to put a layout together. This vintage inspired "LOVE" layout is available (easel and all) on eBay. I just fell in love with this paper line by MME - especially the red glitter! This particular layout is mounted on a red glitter charger which makes it too bit for an album - but perfect to display on a shelf or mantel.

Thanks for poppin' in!