About Me!

My name is Allison Larsen and I am so happy that you are here at my blog!  That probably means you share my love for all things gardening and making your house a home.  I grew up in Whittier, California until I went to college in 1972.  Although I have lived in Utah for 39 years with my 3 kids and my gorgeous Great Dane (husband, not dog) and love it, I will always be a beach girl at heart.  Lying next to the ocean is the only time you will find me contentedly sitting still for longer than 5 minutes.  Just ask my kids, my motto in life has always been, "If it doesn't move, I will either re-cover it or paint it!" Because of that, my kids never sat still in fear of being reupholstered!  I have been an avid seamstress since 5th grade, although my grandmother started me when I was 6.  My dream is to get my granddaughters as passionate about sewing as I have been and still am!  As you can imagine my house is in constant evolution.  I have been professionally decorating for 20 years which includes sewing, reupholstering, and painting.  I have been gardening my whole life.  I also love finding a good deal and my favorite shopping is thrift stores and garage sales.  I hope to take you along through this blog and teach you how to give old things a new life.  Although fighting joining the computer world for years, I finally succumbed a year ago and now have the guts to run my own blog.  Hope you enjoy!