Latex Paint Removal for 2011

Latex Paint Removal for 2011 : The easiest way of latex stain removal, is to remove the latex paint when it is still wet. The more you allow it to settle on the any surface, more difficult your task will be. Place a paper towel or a clean piece of cloth over the paint and allow the latex paint to get soaked. Now you will have to buy a specific type of drill bit for drilling ceramic tiles, since commonly used twist-drill bits will not be able to penetrate the hard silica coating of the tile.  Drilling a hole into a porcelain tile would have you break into a sweat unless you are using a diamond tipped drill bit, as the silica content in porcelain is pretty high, making the material nearly impenetrable. Take care that you do not rub the stain, as this will make the paint spread further and spoil greater area. The fabric and aggravate the problem. You should avoid rubbing as well because this weakens the fiber of the fabric. Buy actuated carbide-tipped masonry drill bits which are tailor made for drilling through ceramic tiles and can probe into even grade 5 ceramic tiles. So, when it comes to ceramic tile vs. porcelain tile the former is definitely easier to drill. Diamond tips are exorbitant but can be used to drill through glass as well.
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