Coming Home Designs
Sewing and Small Upholstery Projects

Dust Ruffles
 Tailored or Ruffled                                 
      Twin or Full      $100                      Queen or King  $120

 Box Pleated
      Twin or Full      $110                      Queen or King  $130

All skirts will include a 4 inch cap on decking if enough fabric is available.

Twin       $110
Full         $120
Queen     $130
King        $140

Duvet price included 1/2 inch cording, velcro, or zipper.  Buttons, ruffles, or add-ons extra.

Pillow with cording.
   Up to 16 inches           $30
   18-25 inches               $40

Any additional add ons (trim, ruffles, box sides, inserts, etc.) will be quoted upon request.

Shams or Euro Shams with 1/2 inch cording:    $110 per pair
Any addition add ons quotes per job.

Plain Bolster:
      Up to 30 inches:       $40
      31-50 inches            $60
      51-80 inches            $100

Any additional add ons (trim, inserts, ruffles, tuck pleats, bands, etc.) quoted per job.
     Prices above do not include pillow forms.

Up to 9 feet in height:
One width panel                        Lined:  $70             Unlined:  $40
One and a half width panel         Lined:  $100          Unlined: $70
Two width panel:                       Lined:  $125           Unlined: $100

Fabric for lining not provided.

Specialty curtains:
    Balloon shades
    Cornice boards
    Roman Shades
Available and priced per job.

Tablecloth:        Square or rectangular     $50
Round plain:      Up to 80 inches             $80
                         Over 81 inches              $85 and up
Square overlay plain:                               $20
Add ons extra.

Seat Covers:         Chair:              $20
                            With cording:   $30
Window or bench seats: Quoted per size, shape, box, or knife edge.
Cushions:  Quote according to project.
Slip Cover:  Quote according to project.
Parsons chairs:    $150 each
Small ottomans:    Slip cover or reupholster:   quote per project

Will quote small projects on request and priced per job.

Shower curtains:    With button holes:   $30 per width
                             Grommets:              $2 each

Cost per hour for specialty jobs:          $35 per hour