Painting Tips for Home 2011

Painting Tips for Home 2011 :  you can paint a number of geometric shapes such as triangle, circle and square in a bold color on one of the walls in the living room. , living room is the place where we entertain our guests, socialize, watch TV, and spend time together as a family, it makes sense to use warm paint colors for living rooms, which add lots of vibrancy to the surroundings. In case the flooring is of a dark color and you do not want to invest money in getting it changed, then placing a light colored rug on the floor will do the trick. dramatic effect, another of the interior painting ideas for living room is to paint the walls in light shade and the ceiling in a dark color. some designs such as horizontal lines or polka dots painted in a dark color on the ceiling. Another thing that has to be considered here is that the floor and wall paint color should not both be same. Flooring of the living room should be light colored too. Although both should be of a light color, there should still be some color difference and contrast present. wood flooring or ceramic tile flooring that you opt for, see to it that its color is in total contrast to the black furniture and makes it stand out. 
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